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Middle School Number Sense Book 2

Intermediate Calculator Book 2

Middle School Mathematics Book 2

RAM Materials provides materials for competitive mathematics (Number Sense, Calculator and Mathematics for UIL, TMSCA, PSIA, and Math League), teaching mathematics, home school mathematics, and general mathematics for grades 4-12.

Practice tests, instructional workbooks, and instructional videos are available.

Although materials are useful for students participating in Number Sense, Calculator, and Mathematics contests, they can also motivate a love of mathematics and promote mastery of concepts by any student being educated in public schools, private schools, and at home.

Books provide present and future teachers and parents step-by-step, easy to understand methods for effectively teaching mathematics.

During my 44 year teaching career, I have accumulated knowledge that few teachers possess.

Be mesmerized by the “Magic of Mathematics.”

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25+ workbooks, hundreds of practice tests and DVDs for Elementary School, Middle School and High School that can be helpful in mastering concepts for Number Sense, use of a scientific Calculator and Mathematics (Grades 4 – 12) can be found in the order form.

Student Successes

Students using my instructional Mathematics workbooks, practice tests, and videos have excelled in their performances in competitive mathematics (UIL, TMSCA, PSIA and Math League), in their classrooms, on SAT and ACT tests, and on standardized tests. All materials inspire a love of mathematics for students from all grade levels. Students working with these materials have gone on to have success at the university level and in their careers.


“I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Ramirez from Jr. High through High School. He helped to develop and expand my love of advanced math. His materials and methodology make challenging concepts fun and easy to understand. My family and I attribute my math success (UIL State Champion and TMSCA State Top Gun) to his teaching, guidance, and support. My math success helped me to gain acceptance to schools such as Harvard and Vanderbilt. My math success also led to numerous scholarships to various prestigious universities.”

– Morgan Miller, Aerospace Honors Engineering Major, The University of Texas at Austin

“Mr. Ramirez and his RAM materials have changed the way my kids learn and feel about math. It is truly inspirational and magical. My kids have excelled beyond my imagination.”

– Lila Kim, Parent

“Ever since being coached by Mr. Leo, I am always excited to learn new math topics. His method of teaching and the materials he provides make it easy to understand complex mathematics. The workbooks, documents, and practice sheets he writes are very detailed with step by step instructions. Because they are easy to follow, I can even study on my own. His teaching materials have helped me get higher scores in class and in math competitions. Thank you Mr. Leo!”

– Max, 6th grade

“Mr. Leo is an awesome teacher! He has made me one of the best math students in my class. He makes it fun, and his teaching books and worksheets make it easy to learn. You are the best math teacher ever!”

– Nicholas, 3rd grade