Every successful teacher develops an ability to be resilient. An integral part of being resilient is being flexible. All teachers will encounter obstacles in their careers. The same is true about academic coaches. You need to be able to make the necessary adjustments to continue your goal for being successful.

Sometimes students can provide challenges, which you need to be ready to tackle. Students should never be seen as being enemies. You need to accept the responsibility of being a role model. How you handle adversity is something that, if done correctly, can impact students positively. There may be times when students will have difficulty in comprehending a lesson that you are teaching. Be prepared to find other ways to present the same material in a format that can assist those students to succeed. Do not hesitate in informing your students when you are having difficulty in using an alternative teaching strategy. Let them know that you will try and research other strategies. Your peers or the Internet can provide the help that you need.

There are times when administrators or other staff may seem to interfere with your plans for success. Be prepared to represent your views. Make sure that you are open to constructive criticism. Self-analysis is important. Sometimes seeing things from a different perspective is good. Controlling your emotions is important. Take the time to think before you say or do something. This is a time when putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is important. Always keep in mind that your pursuit of excellence will guide you around any obstacle you may encounter.

There will be times when obstacles you encounter will have their origin in parents of students that you teach. Parents have their own views as to what the needs of their children are. You need to be ready to share with them your own plans for their children. Many times compromise is the best remedy when plans seem to be different. If each student is treated with respect and as an individual, parents will be more likely to respond positively to what you have to say. You should be willing to see parents as partners in the learning process.

Teachers need to maintain a positive self-image. If you are willing to work at being a better teacher or academic coach, you will be successful and happier. I always saw challenges as motivating tools to make me work harder to pursue my dreams of being the best teacher possible. Obstacles will always be a part of the learning process. You must commit to never giving up on yourself. Being resilient is an attribute that requires that you are willing to change. Always make informed decisions. Always listen to differing views. Respect what others have to say and be willing to implement changes that will benefit your students.

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