In recent years, I have learned the value of using YouTube to learn mathematics. There have been times when I am trying to review a concept that I knew in the past, but have trouble with in the present. During these times, it is difficult to reach out to a peer for help. At these times, I have found how valuable YouTube can be.

There are times when I am getting prepared to tutor a student and I am trying to find the best way to teach a certain concept. Initially, I used to look at some of my mathematics textbooks that I had to refresh my memory on a specific concept. Many times, I found that I did not have the textbooks necessary to research what I needed. It was these times when I began making use of the Internet. Initially my oldest son introduced me to YouTube. That initial introduction was watching comedy or music videos. I soon discovered that YouTube had videos on numerous topics. Soon, I was using YouTube to refresh my knowledge of subject matter that I had not used in a long time. I loved that YouTube had multiple videos on the same mathematics concepts that I wanted to review. This gave me an opportunity to see how others taught the concepts. Once I had mastered the concepts, I then began looking for better ways to teach them.

As an author of instructional mathematics workbooks, I am constantly studying current Number Sense, Calculator Applications and Mathematics tests. Many times I encounter problems that I have never seen before. YouTube has now provided me with a research tool that I can use to solve those problems. Combining YouTube with my desire to find better and faster ways to solve mathematics problems have assisted me in developing better workbooks. I encourage teachers, parents and students to use YouTube. Although I have used it to learn mathematics, it can also be useful in learning other topics.

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