I know that great teachers promote inclusiveness. Whether it is students in a classroom or students on a mathematics team, each student needs to feel that they are important. Teachers promote inclusiveness with words and actions. All students must be given an opportunity to contribute to the decision making process. Each student must contribute to the development of a plan for success. Each should be encouraged to participate in the instructional process. When presenting lessons, strategies should be included that can positively impact learning by everyone. Teachers should be willing to use different strategies to match the different learning styles. All students should be invited to be active learners.

When teaching a lesson, all students should be asked to take part in the question and answer sessions. Everyone should be provided with opportunities for success. No student should be left behind. Efforts need to be made to help students with different abilities. Instruction should be tailored to minimize weaknesses and maximize strengths. Teachers must work diligently in inspiring learning.

Students on mathematics teams should share in team successes. Teachers should provide encouragement when necessary. Individualized instruction should be provided when possible. Promoting inclusiveness requires that each student feel special. Help students learn how to self-analyze. Treat each student with respect and, value the worth of the individual. Set goals that students can reach. Be willing to be a good role model. Inspiring a love of learning in general or mathematics in particular should be your main goals.

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