I agree that outstanding teachers have the proper mindset. These teachers are committed to helping students succeed. They are more focused on helping others instead of financial gains. They devote their lives to improving their performance to help others.

Before accepting a contract to become a teacher, I had two great offers. My government professor offered to get me a scholarship, so that I could attend a prestigious university and become a lawyer. Another offer that I received was to work with an agency that procured grants for city governments. They offered me an annual salary of $25,000. I declined both offers to become a teacher. I earned $6600 during the first year of teaching.

As a 6 year old, I had made a decision to become a mathematics teacher. Thus, from elementary school through college, my focus was in learning content matter and studying teachers. I listened to what teachers had to say. I observed what they did. I collected all of the information that I could to insure that I became that best teacher that could be.

As a high school freshman, I joined my high school Number Sense team. My coach knew very little about Number Sense. During that year, I began searching for faster ways to solve mathematics problems. More than 50 years later, I continue searching for shortcuts for Number Sense tests produced by the University Interscholastic League, the Texas Math and Science Coaches Association, the Private Schools Interscholastic Association and Math League. I study elementary tests, middle school tests and high school tests.

During the last 44 years as a classroom teacher, mathematics coach and online tutor, I have worked at learning how to teach mathematics concepts more effectively. I love mesmerizing students with the magic of mathematics. I accept the responsibility of helping students achieve success in mathematics. I know that teachers inspire the future. I have been willing to make the sacrifices necessary to help students succeed. That is also why I started my company, Ram Materials, in 1983. My website,, has a variety of products that can help teachers, parents and students. I make available instructional mathematics workbooks, practice tests and videos.

I have always asked two things of my students. First, is that they enjoy what they do. Second, is that they put forth their best effort. I also adhere to the same two things. I encourage all teachers to do the same. I am more enthusiastic about teaching and writing then I have ever been. Having the proper mindset has brought success in teaching and coaching. It has also made me very happy.

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