I believe that outstanding teachers have good classroom-management skills. I learned this from observing teachers since I was 6 years old. I decided to become a teacher when I was 6 years old. Thus, I spent about 16 years observing my instructors on how they managed their students. I listened to how they inspired learning. I then began making informed decisions on how I would manage my classroom.

As a classroom teacher, I made sure that each student was aware of my class rules. I expected students to be attentive and engaged with each lesson. I wanted students to respect each other. I did not want students to be disruptive. All students were encouraged to be inquisitive, as all questions were viewed as being important. Maximizing time on task was also vital. Good discipline was expected from all students. In general, I worked at resolving any arguments with students. I did my best to discuss discipline matters in private.

Students were also made aware of the importance of getting to class on time. They knew that initially I reviewed materials taught during the previous day. I then proceeded to methodically present the lesson from basic to more complex concepts. In general, I gave students an opportunity to ask questions throughout the lesson. When possible, I would do individual instruction during the last part of the class period. If class work was assigned, students were expected to be on task.

I always taught by modeling. I treated all students with respect, and valued the worth of the individual. I encouraged all students to join me in a journey of discovery. Students were an integral part of the learning process. I illustrated how to solve problems in a step-by-step process. I demonstrated how to check answers. I found that students appreciated that lessons seemed to be written specifically for them. They were praised for putting forth their best effort. No student was every ridiculed for answers or questions they provided. On occasions, when classmates laughed at answers that were given, I made sure that all students understood how all input was appreciated by me. They learned that answers given in class contributed to me making changes to my presentation.

I always worked at improving as a teacher. I tried to develop better ways of teaching mathematics concepts. I tried to find faster ways of solving problems. I made sure that I was prepared to be at my best each day I taught. I knew that students deserved my best effort. Students appreciated how I managed the class and how I provided them with an excellent learning environment.

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