Something that I totally agree with is that outstanding teachers are realistic. Although our goal is to help our students succeed, there are going to be cases where success may not be attainable. During my teaching career, I focused in putting forth my best effort. If I gave every student an opportunity to succeed and I worked diligently at being the best teacher possible, I was satisfied with my effort.

As a classroom teacher, mathematics coach and online tutor, I did my best to develop the best way to teach any concept. I also worked at finding the fastest way to solve problems. I have done both for more than 50 years. I have taught and coached students since 1973. I have subdivided all topics that I teach to increase my students’ opportunity for success. From my experiences, I can confirm that success breeds success. I have also developed plans for the success of each student. Each student is treated as an individual. I determine each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and have dedicated my life to reducing or eliminating weaknesses. I also try and teach students how to self-analyze. Students are encouraged to be active participants in the learning process.

Early in my teaching and coaching career, students that did not perform well saddened me because I assumed brunt of the responsibility. With more experience, I came to realize that learning required a student that was willing to exert maximum effort. For a long time, I have told my students that success can be achieved if they enjoy what they do and if they try their best. I do my best to invite each student to join me in an adventure of discovery during every lesson. I do my best to motivate an interest in what I am teaching. I also tried making each lesson relevant. Thus, I try to make each lesson inspiring and enjoyable. I also try and get students engaged in each lesson. Individualized instruction is provided as time permit, and I hold students accountable. They need to study and do all required work. If I know that if my students and I are trying our best, I will accept any outcome. For those not succeeding in class, I want them to feel like they have improved their performances during the year. I also want them to have learned how to appreciate learning in general and mathematics in particular. Teachers need to be realistic, and their students need to do their part.

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