I believe that outstanding teachers never give up on any student. People decide to become teachers because they are committed to helping others. You need to be selfless if you decide to become a teacher. Financial success is not something that you dream of when you become a teacher.

I remember when I decided to become a teacher when I was 6 years old. Our family would spend summers picking cotton and living away from home. In the evenings, parents would gather and talk about their hopes and dreams for their children. All wished for a better life. They knew that education was the foundation for success in the future of their children. Those conversations impacted me immensely. Although I was very young, it was during that time that I decided to become a teacher and help parents like them assist their children in having a better life.

Once I started teaching, I worked diligently to be the best teacher that I could be. I developed techniques to teach mathematics concepts better and solve problems faster. My work as a mathematics coach (Number Sense, Calculator Applications and Mathematics) helped me achieve my dream of being the best teacher that I could be. More than 40 years later, I am still doing my best to improve as a teacher. I have tried contributing to the success of other students with the instructional mathematics materials, practice tests and videos that I have developed. These can be found on my website.

Like many other teachers, I dedicated my life to help all students. There were moments when some students were having a difficult time mastering the content that I was teaching. Instead of giving up, I became obsessed with finding a way to help them succeed. By subdividing topics and teaching in a step-by-step format, I provided all of my students with opportunities to succeed. Although some students did not succeed during the year, I knew that they had shown tremendous improvement. I was happy because with my help, they had developed an appreciation for the importance of learning in general, and mathematics in particular. Each of my students knew that I would never give up on them. I have admired all teachers that shared their desire to help their students to succeed. I know that teachers touch the future. Although some students may have encountered failure, I believe that they learned how to work at improving themselves. I felt good that I was a part of their development and know that they became better parents because of my belief in the worth of the individual. I am confident that I strengthened their academic foundation, so that they succeeded in the future. As I continue teaching online, I am still committed to helping students succeed

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