Through the years, I have come to believe that outstanding teachers love their students. Everyone that has devoted their lives to teaching are unselfish by nature. They are very caring individuals. I am confident that they are committed to providing their students with the best education possible.

As a teacher, mathematics coach and online tutor, I have had the opportunity of working with thousands of students. Although most were not model students, I still felt like each student was a part of my family. I always managed to find something in each student that made me care for them and their future. Since I was aware that teachers inspire the future, I promised myself that my students would dictate the way that I saw myself as a person. I never accepted failure. If a student was facing hurdles during the learning process, I worked diligently at finding a way to motivate them to succeed.

Like many other teachers, I treated my students as if they were family. I wanted them to feel good about themselves. That is why I encouraged each to follow two simple rules. The first rule was that they needed to find things in their lives that they enjoyed doing. The second rule was that they needed to always try their best in everything they did. Those were the same rules that I taught my children. As a Number Sense coach, I worked at finding faster ways to solve problems. I worked at developing the best way to solve any concept. I know that these impacted my students in a positive way. By inviting them to join me in an adventure of discovery during each lesson, I made an effort to make the process fun.

Although I seldom told my students that I loved them, they knew how I felt by my actions. I tried to be a positive role model for my students. I taught everything by modeling. Modeling did not only apply to the mathematics lessons that I taught, but by the way that I wanted them to treat each other. I treated each student with respect, and treasured their opinions. I allowed them to contribute to the lessons that I developed. I taught them how to self-analyze. I worked at developing a well-rounded individual. Each year, I was saddened when they left as the last day of class arrived. However, like a proud parent, I was excited about their futures. I felt happy that they were going to have a positive impact in the world. I believe that each would share my two simple rules with others and thus bring joy to their family, friends and peers.

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