Although it may be difficult when you are successful, everyone needs to be willing to be humble. Humility is an attribute that people admire. It is a virtue that should be exhibited at any age. Humility should be taught to children at a young age. Teaching humility by modeling is important for all individuals.

As a successful teacher and mathematics coach, I received numerous state and national awards for my work. Every time that I had an opportunity, I shared my successes with my family and my peers. Although I have devoted more than 50 years developing better ways of teaching mathematics concepts and faster ways of solving problems, the reason I did it is not obvious to most people. Everything that I have ever done was to help promote learning in general, and loving mathematics in particular. My success in life was measured by the success that my family and students achieved.

As a classroom teacher, I made an effort to find the class average after every test. My goal was to have a class test average that exceeded 80. From what I can recall, not only did I achieve that goal for tests, but I also achieved it for each grading period in every class that I taught. I was pleased that those averages included both remedial and advanced classes. Seeing my students succeed was my ultimate reward.

As a mathematics coach (Number Sense, Calculator Applications and Mathematics), my teams won 20 state team championships and numerous individual state championships. Although my students won thousands of medals and trophies, I was prouder of the more than two and a half million dollars and grants that my students received to attend the most prestigious universities in the United States. Seeing my students succeed in their careers and becoming great parents was the best reward I could have ever received.

Being humble is something that I taught all of my students and children. I made sure that they knew that achieving a perfect score on a test or winning a trophy was not suppose to be their goal in school. I taught them never to brag about their successes. They learned to let their actions speak for them. That is something that I have always tried to do myself. My students exhibited humility everywhere they were. I was so happy that coaches and students from competing schools admired and respected my students and me. They tried to model themselves after us.

Humility is something all of us should possess. You should never allow success to interfere with how you are perceived by family, friends and peers. Success should be measured by how you are going to be remembered long after you are gone. Your legacy can touch others for years to come. There is no better accolade that you can receive then knowing that you have made this world a better place.

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