I agree that outstanding teachers embrace change. I believe that teachers are constantly evolving. Teachers are working to improve how they teach concepts. They have a thirst for knowledge, which drives them to research for ways to inspire learning. With the availability of the Internet, there is now so much information for teachers, that change is inevitable. Teachers that do not embrace change are more likely to lose interest in teaching.

More than 40 years ago, I began my teaching career. As a classroom teacher and online tutor, I have been in a journey of discovery on a weekly basis. I am constantly searching for better ways to teach concepts and faster ways to solve problems. As time has passed, I have been inspired by how dynamic teaching is as a profession. With time, student interests have changed. Finding ways to grab a student’s attention has become more challenging. The reason that I love teaching more each year is because I enjoy how excited I get when I find a new way to teach a concept or solve a problem faster. My work as an academic coach (Number Sense, Calculator Applications and Mathematics) has had a positive impact in my teaching career. Each year, I encounter different variations of problems that students are required to solve. I am driven to unlocking the secrets of mathematics. This quest for knowledge pushes me to set new goals for my teaching career.

I have watched as concepts have been integrated from high school to middle school and from middle school to elementary school. I am amazed as to the challenges that students are confronted with as each year passes. In my coaching career I always taught concepts at an accelerated rate. As an online tutor, I have taught middle school students concepts from Geometry, Algebra 2 and Pre Calculus. I have observed how students react positively to challenging concepts. Initially, I work at developing a sound foundation. I developed concepts from basic to more complex. I worked at getting students to develop self-confidence. Through my actions, students are convinced that they are capable of doing extraordinary things. Teachers that create excitement in learning will be energized by how students adapt to challenging situations. Student success will motivate teachers to seek change.

When I transitioned from in-person tutoring to online tutoring, I faced new challenges. I soon mastered teaching via the Internet. Using Skype and my tablet, I was able to make a personal connection with the students that I tutored. There has been numerous times when I am tutoring online that I share my screen and allow students to watch instructional videos or search for definitions, properties or theorems that are needed during a lesson. Access to the Internet has revolutionized the way that I teach. Each student is more focused during a lesson. I have found that an hour online is equivalent to four to five hours in the classroom. Embracing change has allowed me to be relevant as a teacher and be more excited about the potential for growth and success in affecting the lives of students in a positive way.

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