In general, I believe that outstanding teachers are fair. Each student needs to be treated with respect. The remedy for each type of discipline problem needs to be the same for all students. Students need to know the consequences for misbehaving. They need to trust that a teacher’s disciplinary action is consistent. Before applying any disciplinary action, teachers need to discuss the problem before deciding on the action that will be taken.

During my teaching career, I made sure that I never escalated a situation by beginning or continuing any type of argument. In general, I made every effort to discuss any discipline problem outside the classroom, away from classmates. I never wanted to embarrass any student. When possible, I calmly requested a private conversation with the student. Very rarely was it necessary to involve parents in action that I took because of a disciplinary problem.

My commitment to being the best teacher possible is something that students saw on a daily basis. I was always trying to find the best way to teach every concept. I was always looking for the fastest and most efficient way to solve problems. Students became active participants in the learning process. I worked diligently in inspiring learning. I tried to make every lesson relevant. I tried to be a positive role model for my students. Because of my actions as a teacher, students tended to discourage bad behavior by classmates in the classroom. They were excited to learn and did not want anything that impacted learning in a negative way.

Each student was treated as an individual. Discussing class rules early in the school year set the tone for the learning environment that I wanted for my students. I remained calm in all situations. I did my best not to raise my voice or show any facial expressions that displayed anger. I seldom got angry. Most of the time I was disappointed in bad choices that were made by some students. When talking to them, I did my best to explain how the bad behavior affected the class in general and them in particular. I wanted each student to know that I had his or her best interests at heart.

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