Blog #128 – Make Yourself Happy and Those Around You Will Become More Happy.

I have often been asked why I tend to be happy most of the time. I believe that the happy frame of mind that I possess started when I was six years old. Listening to my parents and their friends share dreams about a better life than what they were experiencing as field laborers inspired me to become a teacher. It was not long after that when I developed my two rules for happiness. The first was to do what you loved, and the second was to do things to the best of your ability. My education gave me an opportunity to make my dream of being a teacher a reality. My love for teaching and touching the lives of my students has brought unimaginable joy.

Each day I wake up prepared to work with the students that I tutor online. Each week I spend numerous hours writing materials.
Helping others through tutoring and the materials that I write keeps me happy.

Growing up with my mother, father, aunts, uncles and cousins I was always surrounded by family who loved me. It was that love that I experienced, that has inspired the love I have tried to give to my wife, children and grandchildren. I thank God each day for the abundance of love that I have experienced.

I have observed how my love of life has been contagious. Whether teaching or interacting with those I love, I have felt joy in seeing how others have reacted positively to having me in their lives. I pray that you are also blessed with a job that you love and with family and friends that energize you with their love. Yet, you need to strive to seek happiness. Do not expect others to provide it for you.

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