Whether it was my time as a student, a teacher, a coach, a parent or an author, I have always worked at improving what I do. As a student, I focused on trying to learn as much as I could about the content that was being taught. When playing sports, I worked diligently in becoming the best athlete I could be. When competing in Number Sense, I was committed to studying and practicing so that I could have the opportunity to be able to truly say that I was trying my best.

During my teaching career in the classroom and while engaging in online tutoring, I constantly sought to develop new and better ways to teach concepts to my students. During my career as a high school mathematics coach and during online tutoring when I prepared students for competitions, I was constantly developing shortcuts and faster ways of solving problems in Number Sense, Calculator Applications, and Mathematics.

As a parent, I have set goals to be the best role model that I could be for my children and now for my grandchildren. As an author, I am continuously trying to produce instructional mathematics workbooks, practice tests and videos that can assist students, teachers, and parents. I am constantly trying to improve the quality of all of the products that I produce.

As long as I can remember, I have always worked at improving myself in any task that I undertook. In reality, I am following my two simple rules for happiness. I am dedicated to enjoying what I do and I am always trying my best in everything that I do. Many people are surprised that I have the stamina, enthusiasm, and desire to work even after retirement. I think that my commitment to always improve keeps everything that I do new. I sincerely get up each morning looking to see what new adventures await me. I am driven by the desire to demonstrate by my actions, rather than my words, that pursuit of excellence is a great motivating force. I know that I look forward to improving and being the best that I can be in whatever comes my way.

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