Whether you are working with students in your classroom or students on your mathematics team, it is important that you get them to relax. Teachers should never intimidate students. Fear should not be used to get them to excel in the classroom or on your team. Efforts should be made to encourage students to want to be engaged voluntarily in what they are doing. Teachers and coaches should treat their students with respect. Students need to feel valued as individuals. They need to feel that what they have to say is important. In every instance, teachers and coaches should be positive role models. If teachers are willing to use modeling as a teaching tool, they are likely to get students to have a more enjoyable experience in the classroom or on a team. When appropriate, humor should also be interjected when a lesson is being taught. The behavior of a teacher or coach should contribute to a student’s ability to relax. If a teacher or coach is friendly and demonstrates enthusiasm in what they are doing, students will be more likely to be an active participant in any lesson being taught. Every effort should be made to encourage questions. Questions should be answered to the best of a teacher’s or coach’s abilities. Students should never be ridiculed nor should their questions be answered sarcastically. A stress free environment should be created that promotes learning. Students should be asked to be active participants in the learning process. They should be made to feel that they are valued. Students should be encouraged to feel safe. Success will be acquired if teachers and coaches win the trust of their students. Getting students to relax should be the goal of any teacher or coach if they expect to be successful.

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