During my lifetime, I have worked at emphasizing my strengths and minimizing my weaknesses. This is something that I encourage everyone to focus on. It is something that I encourage teachers and parents to teach their students and children. In accomplishing this task, an effort must be made to determine your strengths and weaknesses. In my case, I know that I am very meticulous in studying things that I do not know. I am aware that I am diligent in doing the work necessary to be successful in any task that I encounter.

From a young age, I focused on minimizing or eliminating weaknesses. When learning how to play basketball, I determined what areas I needed to improve on. Once I determine those weaknesses, I did everything possible to master the skills that I needed so that I would be a better basketball player. Once I had mastered the skills, I worked at reinforcing them by playing against other players. To continue to improve, I challenged myself by playing against players that were more skilled than me. What I did for basketball, I did when preparing for contests when I was in high school. It also applied to many other things that I did in my career or personal life. In each case, I diagnosed my weaknesses, I worked at minimizing or eliminating the weaknesses and then I did the necessary things to reinforce the things that I had learned.

Being able to minimize weaknesses and convert them into strengths is something that everyone should make a priority in their lives. Sometimes you can determine your own weaknesses, and in other occasions, you may have to depend on someone else to assist in diagnosing weaknesses. With experience you can self-diagnose most of the time.

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