As a coach, you need to know what to do at the site of a mathematics contest. Soon after arriving at the site you should find the location for registration. At this location you will receive a copy of the updated schedule, room assignments, grading area and other important information. After leaving the registration location, take your team members to the gathering area for the students. This area may be a cafeteria, library or auditorium. After arriving there, discuss the schedule of events (Number Sense, Calculator Applications and Mathematics). At some tournaments, students receive tickets or stickers that will allow them to take the various tests. Encourage students to find room assignments for contests. I usually show my students the grading area. This may be important in case your students need to find you. They should also find the location of restrooms. After all of this is complete, you might tell your students whether they should study or take practice tests. Students should then be informed about lunchtime plans. They should also be told if there is an awards assembly. If there will be an awards assembly, they should know its location and the start time.

Prior to leaving for the assigned rooms, make sure that all students have the supplies necessary for the contests (pens, pencils, scratch paper, calculator, etc.). Students should be informed about what to do when in the contest room. You might offer seating suggestions. You could also tell them to listen to instructions from the proctor. If they need clarification of any instructions, they should not hesitate in asking questions. For the younger team members, you may provide a review of the contest rules. After completion of the grading process, students should be reminded of the type of behavior you expect at the awards assembly.

Students should be courteous. They should be willing to accept all results. The students should not hesitate in congratulating each other and members of opposing teams. Before leaving the site of the contest, all test papers and results papers should be picked up. Test papers should be distributed to the students. All students should then prepare to return to their homes. Knowing what to do at the site of a mathematics contest is very important. Keeping your students informed is essential.

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