Any responsible individual needs to intervene against negative words and actions. Teachers, coaches, parents and any other individual needs to model good behavior. This will inspire students and children to learn how to behave properly. Young people need good role models. What we do and say matters. Hurting others is not excusable. We should treat everyone with respect. We should never hurt others. If we witness anyone saying negative things to others, we should take action to inform them that they should stop. If we see anyone acting inappropriately, we should make sure that they stop.

Who is being hurt is not important. It does not matter whether the person being hurt is young or old. Special care needs to be taken when it comes to those that are being bullied. The same is true about those that are helpless. Words and actions can leave permanent scars, and can impact someone’s life negatively. If you encounter an individual using negative words or actions, take the time to convey that their actions are inappropriate. If what they are doing is illegal or dangerous, the proper authorities should be notified.

Be supportive of anyone that has been hurt with words or actions. Do your best to let them know that they deserve to be treated with respect. If possible, try and determine if there is anything that you can do to assist them. Be their voice if necessary. Do everything possible to protect them. Provide words of encouragement and direct them to someone that can help.

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