In your career or in life, reflection is very important. Taking time to think of things that you have said or have done is vital. Self-analyzing helps improve the work that you do and the relationships you have. Reflection is necessary if you expect to be successful in the work that you do and in the type of person that you become.

As a mathematics teacher and coach, I have always sought to develop better techniques to teach mathematics concepts and faster ways to solve problems. I have been doing this for more than 40 years because I love mathematics. As an online tutor, I reflect on what I have taught immediately following each lesson. Since I tutor multiple students, I am constantly making adjustments to my presentations. Many times, questions that I am asked motivate me to find better ways to teach concepts. My students also have a direct impact on my search for faster ways to solve problems. I know that each year, I have become a better teacher because I am constantly looking for ways to improve.

In my relationships with other people, I reflect on my words and actions on a daily basis. I know that my ability to put myself in someone else’s shoes helps me have good relationships with those I come in contact with. I do my best to think carefully before I do or say anything. I observe how others react to me and I work at getting positive reactions. I make informed decisions. I never want to hurt anyone. I am an unselfish and caring individual. I make an effort to be a positive role model. I accept responsibility for my words and actions. I try and do my best in everything. I believe that helping others be happy makes me happy. There is no specific time for reflection. All that I know, is that I plan to continue making reflection a part of me as long as I live.

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