Anyone teaching academic concepts needs to organize the concepts and be aware of how it can have a positive impact in student learning. This applies to teachers, academic coaches and parents. Initially you may develop an outline of the major concepts that need to be mastered. To do this, you may use a textbook as a guide. If a textbook is not available, I recommend that you use the Internet for help. Once the outline of major concepts is complete, try and develop sub-topics that need to be learned to master the concepts. Teaching subtopics initially will provide students with more opportunities for success. Success will help students develop self-confidence. Self-confidence will lead to a student or child that has a better self-image.

When organizing course content, you might seek help from your peers. Their experience in teaching, tutoring or coaching students will be beneficial to the development of a strong teaching outline. If you lack experience in teaching certain concepts, you might want to visit the Khan Academy’s website. There are also numerous videos on YouTube that can help you be a more effective teacher or academic coach. You might also look online to find instructional mathematics workbooks, if it is an area that you are interested in. You can visit the STORE on my website at for instructional workbooks that can help students prepare for Number Sense, Calculator Applications and Mathematics. Encourage your students or children to be active participants in the learning process. Tell them not to hesitate in asking questions. Combining their input with the course outline you develop will increase the chances for their success.

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