To promote learning, teachers, academic coaches and parents need to use positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is applicable to students or children from early childhood through high school. Students that receive positive reinforcement will develop a good self-image. It is important that techniques used to promote positive reinforcement are tailored to the situation in which they are used.

Any praise that is used needs to be earned. Students and children are very observant. They can discern between praise that is sincere and praise that is not sincere. Whether they are learning concepts in a classroom environment, in home schooling or in a team setting, it is important that students and children get numerous opportunities to repeat a task or practice what they are learning. Repetition will insure that students and children have a lot of opportunities for success. Teachers, academic coaches and parents should intervene when errors are made. Sometimes alternate methods will need to be used to teach certain concepts. When teaching a concept, consideration should be given to learning the best way to teach the concept. Resources can be found in local libraries, in books or on the Internet. Valuable information that can be used for reinforcement can also be obtained from peers.

Students need to learn that practice can help them improve at a task, improve their performance in their studies or in the contests that they participate in. For students participating in Number Sense, Calculator Applications or Mathematics, I encourage that you visit the STORE in my website, There you can find instructional mathematics workbooks, practice tests and videos.

Keep in mind that it is important that you find and use the most current materials. Students need to be inspired to be successful. Psychological techniques should be integrated when working with students and children. Everyone should be treated with respect. If students and children take active roles in the learning process, they will work diligently in anything you ask them to participate in. Students and children should be encouraged to be inquisitive. Never ridicule a student for questions or answers that they provide. Never use sarcasm with them. Be aware that modeling behavior and learning is the most effective tool that anyone can use to teach. Be a responsible role model.

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