Nicolas (5th grade, PSIA)

Mr. Ramiez is a very good teacher and really nice. He has taught me so much math for the past 4 years. I still remember them to this day because of his easy tricks. His materials are easy to understand, and he can fit so many things in one lesson which is good for me. I have won a lot of competitions in PSIA because of him. In 2017, I got 3rd place in the PSIA District for Mathematics. In 2018, I made it to the District in both Number Sense (2nd place) and Mathematics (4th place) and then made it to PSIA State for Number Sense (5th place). This year (2019), I qualified for PSIA District for both Mathematics (2nd place) and Number Sense (2nd place) again and will be going to PSIA State in both categories. Not only does Mr. Ramirez help me with the contests, he also help me with math at school. He helps me understand more about elementary mathematics in the past and Pre-Algebra this year. Mr. Ramirez makes math easy and fun!