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About Ram Materials

About Ram Materials

RAM Materials provides instructional materials for competitive mathematics (Number Sense, Calculator Applications and Mathematics for UIL, TMSCA, PSIA, and Math League), teaching mathematics, home school mathematics, and general mathematics for grades 4-12.

Leo Ramirez Sr., founder and owner of RAM Materials, has been presenting workshops and writing test materials and instructional mathematics workbooks for Elementary, Middle and High Schools for over 40 years. As a mathematics coach at McAllen High School for 31 years, his teams won 20 team State Championships in Number Sense and Calculator Applications (11 in Calculator Applications and 9 in Number Sense).

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Client Testimonials

I have found Mr. Ramirez to be a really great teacher. He makes learning math very interesting, and explains the concepts so they are easy to remember. He is very helpful in the effectiveness of his teaching material, which lets me learn concepts thoroughly and efficiently. In 2015 and 2016, Mr. Ramirez helped me place 1st in District for Number Sense and top 10 in State. For the past 3 years, I have qualified for state in all 4 TMSCA tests. I have placed first several times in Calculator Application and have placed 7th at the TMSCA State meets in 2017 and 2018. I will be competing at TMSCA State again this month. Along with this, Mr. Ramirez has taught me some advanced math, such as complex logarithms, conic sections, and the unit circle. This has been very useful in my Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 classes. His lessons have also helped me earn a score of 680 on my math SAT (93rd percentile) in 7th grade.

Max (8th grade, PSIA and TMSCA)

8th grade, PSIA and TMSCA

Mr. Ramiez is a very good teacher and really nice. He has taught me so much math for the past 4 years. I still remember them to this day because of his easy tricks. His materials are easy to understand, and he can fit so many things in one lesson which is good for me. I have won a lot of competitions in PSIA because of him. In 2017, I got 3rd place in the PSIA District for Mathematics. In 2018, I made it to the District in both Number Sense (2nd place) and Mathematics (4th place) and then made it to PSIA State for Number Sense (5th place). This year (2019), I qualified for PSIA District for both Mathematics (2nd place) and Number Sense (2nd place) again and will be going to PSIA State in both categories. Not only does Mr. Ramirez help me with the contests, he also help me with math at school. He helps me understand more about elementary mathematics in the past and Pre-Algebra this year. Mr. Ramirez makes math easy and fun!

Nicolas (5th grade, PSIA)

5th grade, PSIA

Mr. Ramirez has helped me a lot over the past two months. His teaching methods have made it easier for me to grasp the tricks and material. My Number sense and calculator scores have gone up 40 points in the past three weeks. I’ve learned a lot from him.

Eesha, 7th grade, UIL and TMSCA

7th grade, UIL and TMSCA

Mr. Ramirez has been teaching me for almost a year, and I have learned a lot! The material with various mathematical concepts that he has provided me is well-organized. He goes over a particular topic during the session and assigns homework to practice the concepts. Mr. Ramirez is the most knowledgeable and effective math teacher that I have had. I love his teaching style. For example, he starts with easy problems and then presents harder problems. I have been able to learn a lot of mental math tricks, algebra, and geometry. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to learn from Mr. Ramirez. I have been able to win first place in the district qualifying round and will be competing in the district round of Math League.

Pavan (5th grade—Math League)

5th grade—Math League

Mr Ramirez’s dedication and commitment to teaching has helped me win TMSCA state championships in both Number Sense and Calculator Applications. His materials provide simple shortcuts to solve even the hardest of Number Sense and Calculator problems. He has helped me learn advanced math, such as Geometry, Algebra 2, and Pre Calculus.

Aman (7th grade : UIL & TMSCA)

7th grade : UIL & TMSCA

I was tutored by Mr. Ramirez for 3 years. His material was invaluable in helping me develop as a UIL competitor. His sessions were very helpful and everything followed a simple to follow, step-wise format. I have won multiple state championships and currently hold the TMSCA record in calculator applications.

Andrew Garcia

Stanford University

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Ramirez from jr. high through high school. He helped to develop and expand my love of advanced math. His materials and methodology make challenging concepts fun and easy to understand. My family and I attribute my math success (UIL State Champion and TMSCA State Top Gun) to his teaching, guidance, and support. My math success helped me to gain acceptance to schools such as Harvard and Vanderbilt. My math success also led to numerous scholarships to various prestigious universities.

Morgan Miller

Aerospace Honors Engineering Major The University of Texas at Austin

Mr. Ramirez’s tutoring and his outstanding materials have drastically helped me over the years. I have been taught by him since the sixth grade, and there still hasn’t been a lesson where I didn’t learn something new. His notes and teachings are simple, yet they have taught me advanced math. Thanks to Mr. Ramirez’s guidance, I have accomplished a lot in my TMSCA career. In eighth grade, I placed second in number sense, fourth in calculator, and tied for first in general math with a perfect score. I greatly appreciate Mr. Ramirez’s efforts and I am eager to continue learning from him.

Aditya (9th grade, UIL and TMSCA)

Aditya, 7th grade

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