Through the years I have devoted a lot of my time teaching parents how to help their children succeed. During those times I tell them how I measure success. I measure success by two rules that I have followed all of my life. Doing things that you enjoy and always working at doing the best that you can.

In the classroom, many parents measure success by the grades that their children attain. Although I do not want to reduce the importance of grades to parents and students, they need to realize that grades are impacted positively if the prior two rules are followed. Students and parents also need to be aware that focus should never be on comparing performances with other students in the classroom. Students and parents know that mastering course content is important. If students learn why a course is important, they are more apt to enjoy being enrolled in the course. If they enjoy their class it will motivate them to do their best.

When competing, parents are constantly measuring success by awards their children win or how their children are performing when compared to other members on the team or competitors from other schools. Just like students in the classroom, the focus should be on enjoying being a member of the team and working diligently on doing the best they can do.

The lessons learned from following these two simple rules can be applied to everything that students do in their lives. Whether it is personal relationships, careers, hobbies or anything else they do, they will feel better about themselves if the two rules are followed. The two rules should become a part of everyone’s lives. Many times people look for happiness in the wrong places. Many times they focus on other measures to define success. I have followed those rules all my life. I have encouraged my children to follow them. I have taught them to everyone I have taught or coached. Now I am committed to sharing these two rules with as many people as I can.

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