Both teachers and parents need to teach their students or children how to check solutions to the mathematics problems that they solve. Checking solutions gives student additional practice in solving mathematics problems. Checking solutions on independent study assignments and tests boosts their academic scores. Students that check their solutions regularly get self-gratification quickly, when their solutions are proved to be correct. A student’s self confidence is also enhanced. As a result they are not afraid of performing well in pressure situations. With more experience, students can determine which problems need to be checked. If there is a time limit on a test that they are taking, a student may complete all problems before checking some of the solutions. Students may also check their work when they are not sure of the procedure required to solve a particular problem. For example, in the problem “Find x, if x% of 20 is 3.” The solution is 15. If they check the problem by finding 15% of 20 and get 3 as the answer, they can be reassured that they know how to solve that type of problem. As a result, they know that the procedure they selected was the proper one. Students and children need to be told, that checking solutions will have a positive impact in their career in the future. Depending of what career they pursue, they need to know that checking solutions may be a life saving decision. Keep in mind that if you are teaching your students or your children, it is important to model the checking of math solutions. If they watch you check your work, they are more likely to check it themselves.

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