Blog #137 – Strive for Perfection but Accept You Have Faults.

In general, people are always trying to be perfect in the things that they do. The search for perfection places undue stress in our lives. Many times we feel depressed because we do not succeed in the endeavors we pursue. We need to accept that we are not perfect. We have faults. It is alright to be imperfect.

All my life I have followed two rules. Do what you enjoy, and do it to the best of your ability. If you are guided by these simple rules you will find happiness in your life. If you have done your best, you are more likely to accept the results. I have found in my career that my students admired me for accepting that I was not perfect. They learned that I was not perfect. I taught them to learn from their mistakes. I taught them to pursue perfection, but accept all outcomes as long as they were putting forth their best effort. The pursuit of excellence should be encouraged, but the ultimate goal should not be perfection.

All of us have faults. We should try to maximize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses. Our ability to develop as individuals should not be limited by the faults we possess.

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