Blog #139 – When You are Lonely Remember that God is Your Friend.

Many times we feel lonely and need someone to talk to. It is during those times that we should become aware that God is a friend that is willing to listen anytime of the day. Believe that he will be with you in times of need. Never despair, knowing that he will provide the guidance that you seek.

When you are sad, God can bring a smile to your face. When you are in need, he will provide hope. When you feel that the world is caving in, he will provide the support to withstand any pressure you may feel. When times are dark, he will provide the light that will illuminate your way. When you have questions, he will provide answers. When you feel lost, he will show you the way. When you feel isolated, he will surround you with his warm embrace. God is the best friend you can ever have. He is dependable and will always be around when you need him.

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