Blog #150 – You Should Not Be Afraid of Taking a Leap of Faith in Reaching Your Goals.

Never be afraid of taking a leap of faith in reaching goals. Many times, we are afraid of taking risks in our work, in our relationships and many other things that impact our lives. If you analyze and gather information on an action you want to take, you should be willing to be proactive in proceeding with the action.

About 10 years ago, I took the greatest risk I ever took in my life. I was an award-winning teacher and mathematics coach making a steady income. I wanted to move to Austin to be closer to my children and retire from my successful career. I was uncertain how I was going to replace the steady income I was making. I was going to have to depend on tutoring, writing math materials and doing workshops. I carefully analyzed the situation. I wrote a “plan for success” which outlined how I was going to generate income. I shared it with my wife and children. I was scared about my future, but I felt it was going to make me happy and be something that would help my family. I retired from teaching, moved closer to my children and began a new chapter in my life.

Now, I can say that it was the right decision. I am now helping more students, teachers and parents, which I am happier for. Each day I wake up, looking forward to helping others. I am spending a lot more time with my wife, children and grandchildren. I am writing more mathematics materials. I now have control of my life.

Believe in yourself. Take a leap of faith!

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