Blog #152 – Never Allow Yourself to be Hurt by Others that Possess Negative Energy.

You should never allow yourself to be hurt by others that possess negative energy. One way that this can be accomplished is by surrounding yourself with people that make you feel good. Another way is to not dwell on negative comments or actions.

During my life, I always sought people that made an effort to be positive. When in school, I stayed away from students that were known as being a negative influence. I tended to seek students that shared common interests and who sought to create a positive environment.

When it came to my relatives, I always worked at modeling positive behavior. I diffused situations that would create conflict. I did the same in the workplace. As a teacher, I diligently focused on respecting my students and doing my best to assist them in developing a positive self-image. By applying my 2 rules about life, I was generally happy. Those 2 rules were (1) doing things that made me happy and (2) doing the best that I could do in all of my endeavors.

You have control of whom you interact with and how you respond to those people that can impact you negatively. Strive to have a positive attitude.

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