Blog #161 – You do not need to write a book to be remembered.

During my lifetime I wrote a book called The Wizard Maker. The book provides a glimpse into my life and in many ways, provides information about what I want my legacy to be. As I look at what I wrote, I realize that others who have passed and others that I love and admire have not or will never be able to write a book. Yet, their legacies are just as impressive, or even more impressive, than mine. I now know that the greatest legacies are those left in the hearts and minds of those that you know.

My mother passed away fourteen years ago. To this day, her legacy has an impact on my life and that of my brothers, my grandchildren and many others that got to be a part of her life. My mother only had an elementary education, yet she was the most positive role model I have ever had. She accomplished so many things in her lifetime. Her greatest accomplishment is the unconditional love she had for each of us.

My wife has been the “wind beneath my wings”. She has devoted most of her life providing all of us the love that each of us has needed. I have seen how she has disregarded her health and pain she felt after numerous surgeries to care for her ailing sister and provide the assistance our sons have needed with our grandchildren. My wife has shared me with teachers, students and parents in my quest to be the best teacher I can be. For forty-seven years, she has been my muse. She inspires me to strive to be the best version of myself. There are no words that I can use to express how she has made the lives of many of us better. She will never write a book. Yet, her legacy will live on long after she is gone.

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