This morning I started thinking of when I decided to become a teacher of mathematics, I was 6 years old. While in school, I remember how quickly I completed all of my math schoolwork in the classroom. After completing my schoolwork, I enjoyed walking around and helping other students with their schoolwork. Initially my teacher told me that I was not to be talking without permission, but she eventually saw that the students that I was helping understood my explanation of the work they were doing.

One day the teacher offered me a deal, she said that I could help other students with their work if I first finished my work and if I raised my hand to ask for permission. I was so grateful that my teacher offered me that opportunity, I cherished the time working with my classmates. As the school year progressed, I found myself spending as much time learning the concepts being taught, as observing the way the teacher taught the concepts, motivated the students, won the respect of the students and disciplined the students. I continued doing this throughout elementary, middle, high school and I even did it when I was in college.

My dream was to one day be the best math teacher ever, my dream of becoming a teacher became a reality. It is incredible that 59 years later I have the same love and passion for teaching mathematics as I had when I was 6 years old. I also feel that I have become a master teacher as defined by the famous martial arts actor Bruce Lee, he said that master teachers were teachers that produced students that were better than them. As I recall the students that I taught in the classroom or coached on my mathematics teams during my lifetime, I feel that I have fulfilled that definition of a master teacher. Is it ever too early or too late to dream? I say no. I encourage all to follow what you love. Like me, you will be eternally happy.

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