Blog #134 – If Love Radiates From Your Heart, It Will Illuminate and Inspire Those Around You.

As I contemplate what inspired me during my life, it was things that had love at the root of them. As a young child I saw the sacrifices that my parents were making to insure that my brothers and I had a better future. Those sacrifices originated out of love.

In the years that followed I learned how much positive impact love-inspired ideas had on everyone. My teachers loved their work and they loved helping their students. As a result, I was inspired to pursue a career in teaching.

As a teacher, coach and parent I trusted that everything that was love-inspired would be beneficial to my students and children. I made sure that all of them knew how much I loved them. When I made recommendations, they knew that my recommendations were being made by someone that really cared about their wellbeing and success.

When times were dark, I depended on love illuminating the way. I trusted my love of people, life and my work would result in positive results. I sincerely hope you let love
inspire and illuminate what you do on behalf of yourself and those around you.

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