Blog #154 – Laughter Strengthens Your Heart.

I have always believed that laughter strengthens the heart. All of my life, I have sought people that make me laugh. I have enjoyed watching television shows and movies that make me laugh. I am willing to laugh at myself. I love reading books that integrate humor in the story.

I try to not laugh at situations that could hurt someone’s feelings or situations that may have caused anyone injury. Scientific evidence has shown that laughter can lengthen one’s life. The more you laugh the better you feel.

I remember when my mother passed away. Initially I felt sad. While talking to family members, I recounted a story about my mom. We were at a restaurant, when my mom scared all of us by slamming the table. Immediately after slamming the table, she said, “I got it. I killed the fly.” All of us laughed when we recalled that moment in time. Soon all of us were sharing stories about other positive memories that we had of my mom. Sadness became joy and a celebration of her life. There are so many moments like this that have brought joy to my life.
I encourage you to laugh more. It will make you feel better.

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