Blog #155 – Seek Music and Movies that Make You Feel Good About Yourself.

During the last 15 years, I have sought to listen to music and watch movies that make me feel good. Although I love my job and my life, I had not realized that stressful situations surrounded me. Stress hurts you physically and emotionally.

In recent years, I spend every morning listening to music while I work. Most evenings, I watch movies that have happy endings or are inspirational. I do not watch any movies that portray violence or create stress. Ever since I began doing that, I have reduced stress immensely. I feel happy. I feel better about myself and those around me.

I know that you have your own favorite types of music you listen to and favorite types of movies you watch. I encourage you to self analyze to determine whether they have a positive impact in your life. Do they make you feel better about yourself? May you be happy. May you have a magical life.

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