Many people have asked me why I continue to be enthusiastic about teaching and writing mathematics workbooks. The answer is that I have been a lifetime learner. I have found that I am constantly finding new ways to teach mathematical concepts. I am discovering better ways to use technology to teach. By using Skype, the internet and a calculator, I have been able to improve the way that I teach.

Being a lifelong learner also impacts non-career areas of my life. I have found that I am learning how to communicate with family and friends. I have learned to listen to advice from health professionals to address issues with my health. I have made changes in my eating habits. I have learned how exercise will help me reduce stress. I have been more selective about which television shows and movies I watch. I am now watching things that make me feel good. I have learned how to use social media to connect with family and friends.

Part of becoming a lifelong learner is being a good listener. Listen to experts. Listen to people that care about you. Be aware that the more you learn, the more prepared you will be for the change that is sure to come. Lifelong learners will likely be happier. They will have a positive impact in society. Be a lifelong learner.

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