Since my childhood, I remember my mom teaching me that I should care for those around me. I have done the same for my own children, grandchildren and for many people that I have met in my lifetime. I would like to encourage you to do the same.

Caring for those around us can take many forms. Sometimes, we can provide financial assistance by contributing to charitable organizations. In other times, that financial assistance can be given directly to a family or individual. We can also do volunteer work in the community. We can help people with words of encouragement. There are many times that we can help people by just being a good listener.

Each of us have God-given talents that we can use to contribute to a better world. You can help people with the career you choose. Forty-seven years ago, I became a teacher because I wanted to help parents and their children. Thirty-seven years ago, I decided to provide help by writing mathematics workbooks. These workbooks were to encourage a love of learning in general and mathematics in particular. Coinciding with the workbooks that I was writing, I began doing mathematics workshops statewide.

Think of what you have done to help those around you. Try and see if there is anything else that you can do to impact society in a positive way.

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