Blog #167 – Feed your body and soul and you will have the energy to impact the world.

In any career that is chosen, an individual has to have the motivation and energy to succeed. I learned very early that if you feed your body and soul, then you will have the energy to impact the world. Most people realize the importance of a healthy diet. They realize how important food is to their body. Each of us take time everyday to eat regularly to provide fuel for what we do. What is sometimes missed is the feeding of our soul. Many will feed the soul through religion. Others will feed it by the energy they derive from others.

As a teacher and online tutor, I have been constantly energized by the students that I work with. For more than forty-five years, I have diligently worked at finding the best way to teach mathematics. I have shared the wonder of learning that I experience when I find the better or faster way of solving a mathematics problem with my students. Their smiles and reactions when I teach them math concepts is a major source of energy that I have received during my career. I have invited my students to join me in a quest for the discovery of the magic of mathematics. I have shared with them the enthusiasm I have for learning. That enthusiasm inspires them and a by-product is that I am more energized and more eager to continue my career in education.

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