A characteristic that I admired in teachers, and that I tried to imitate, was being enthusiastic. Teachers that are enthusiastic about teaching will instill enthusiasm about learning in their students. Students need to see that their teachers love what they do. Enthusiastic teachers inspire students.

During my years as a classroom teacher and online tutor, I tried to be a positive role model. I wanted to see my students appreciate how dedicated I was to being the best teacher possible. Every day, I invited my students to join me in a journey of discovery. I encouraged students to be active learners. In my quest for finding the best way to solve problems, I was willing to take risks. I was also willing to encourage input from my students. There were times that a new way to solve a problem was discovered. I made sure that every student was aware of how excited I was to make the discovery. When a student made the discovery, I told the entire class that in years to come I would credit that student with the discovery.

Since making a decision to become a teacher when I was six years old, I have dedicated my life to finding the best way to teach concepts to my students. Each day I wake up looking forward to working with student(s). I see each tutoring session as an opportunity to encounter a situation in which I will have to find a new way of teaching a concept. A couple of days ago, I was tutoring a third grader from North Carolina. She was having difficulties with a two-digit multiplier. During the tutoring session, I tried using a variety of strategies. Eventually, I came up with a way to get her to master multiplication by a two-digit multiplier. I was happy that she had mastered the concept and I made it obvious to her that I was very enthusiastic about what transpired.

Teachers can’t fake enthusiasm. Students can determine if the enthusiasm exhibited by a teacher is real or fake. Teachers that take pride in their work should always be truthful with their students. Students deserve teachers that exhibit the behavior of a positive role model. Enthusiasm impacts learning in a positive way. My two simple rules that I have lived by and share with others are that you should do what you love and you should be committed to trying your best. These simple rules have brought a lot of joy to my family, my students, my friends, my colleagues and me. I can assure you that if you adopt them into your life, you will also be enthusiastic about the things that you do.

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