Blog #164 – Touch the future positively with your actions.

No matter what actions are taken by an individual, their actions will have some type of impact on the lives of other people. Because of this, each of us needs to act responsibly. All of us need to strive to pursue a life where we think carefully about what we think and say. We need to work at being positive role models.

I decided to become a teacher when I was six years old. I was inspired to become a teacher by comments made by my parents and their friends. They shared their dreams for a better life for their children. Sixty-one years later, I am still enthusiastic about teaching.

Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked diligently to study teachers and content that would make me the best teacher possible. I believe that teachers have the greatest potential of impacting the lives of more people than any other profession. Since I began my teaching career forty-five years ago, I have been diligent in being responsible for my actions. I have dedicated most of my life developing teaching strategies and writing mathematics workbooks to help students, teachers and parents. I will continue doing this as long as I can because I love helping people. I pray that God gives me more opportunities to positively impact the futures of those that I have sought to help.

Besides doing my best to positively impact students, teachers and parents, I have done the same when it comes to my relationship with my family and friends. I have tried to share two rules that have guided my life: doing what you enjoy and doing it to be the best of your ability. I have marveled at how these two rules have shaped my life and those that I love. I truly believe that these two rules could impact positively the future of any one that decides to integrate them into their lives.

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