Outstanding teachers are committed to being professional. Being a teacher impacts lives more than any other profession. Parents and students hold teachers to a very high standard. There is a lot expected from teachers. Teachers must demonstrate how committed they are to their profession.

Teachers must diligently prepare to do the best job possible. After finishing their college career, they need to demonstrate, by actions, that they are lifetime learners. They need to work at finding the best way to teach concepts to their students. They should do research using a variety of media to insure that students receive the education that they deserve. Whether doing research on the Internet, consulting with colleagues or reading articles on education, teachers need to be active in improving their knowledge about the best teaching practices.
Teachers must try to integrate input from parents and students to succeed. If parents and students feel they are included as part of the learning process, they will be more willing to adapt teacher recommendations to their preparation for the future. Teachers should encourage students to be inquisitive. Teachers need to treat students with respect. Teachers need to value the worth of the individual. Teachers should be willing to adjust their lessons to help all students.

Teachers need to be positive role models. Teachers should exhibit the behavior that is expected of the students. They should be enthusiastic about teaching. They should share their excitement about teaching. Teachers should be human. There will be times when mistakes are made and how teachers react to these mistakes will have an impact on their students. Teachers should value the opinions of their students and their parents. Teachers should think carefully of what they say to their students and parents. Teachers should use psychology to promote a positive self-image in each of their students.

Teachers should be fair. The use of discipline should be consistent. Students should be made aware of class rules and expectations. Teachers should never escalate a situation by exhibiting anger. Efforts should be made to resolve discipline problems in private. Students should never be ridiculed.

A student’s trust is very important. Students need to believe that the teacher will create a proper learning environment. Professional teachers will be more successful. Professional teachers will be happier.

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