Although I am constantly looking towards the future, I have realized how much I have learned from the past. Whether it is teaching in the classroom or online, I am constantly looking at what methods I have used in the past that are successful. These are the methods that I implement in current teaching situations and which I plan to continue using in the future. As I look at the past teaching experiences, I recall unsuccessful experiences that have motivated me to search for more efficient ways of teaching concepts. Past experiences are very important. All of us should learn from mistakes because they allow us to develop into successful teachers and parents. The past, whether good or bad, can motivate how we will grow as individuals. All experiences will impact who we become. Our willingness to learn from the past will have a significant impact on how we perform in our careers and as parents. I know that I attribute my success to a willingness to always search for ways to improve. As stated earlier, my two basic rules for happiness are doing what I enjoy and always doing my best in everything that I do. As I look back on my past, I can proudly say that I have followed those two rules. I have always seen the past as being the foundation for the future. Anyone that believes that will likely be more successful. Anyone that is successful in their career or as a parent need to share with others how their success was impacted by the past. I believe that the youth today will look at our pasts and benefit from our experiences as they chart their future. Our legacies can help others. We should strive to improve on what older generations have accomplished. If we continue standing on the shoulders of the past we will reach greater heights in the future.

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