Whether it is teaching, coaching or being a parent, everyone should have a plan for success. The first thing that needs to be done in developing a plan is to set the major goal of what needs to be accomplished. This goal can be the target for an individual or a team. After the major goal has been set, time needs to be devoted to developing a sequential set of minor goals that need to be accomplished to make the major goal achievable. When setting goals, it is important to make an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of an individual or a team. In general, the teacher, coach or parent needs to know that each minor and major goal is achievable. If a student or team experiences success throughout the process, they will be motivated to continue working toward the major goal. Before students begin working toward a goal, remind them of what you expect from them. Encourage them to have fun and give their best effort.

Prepare them how to handle setbacks. Let them know that setbacks often occur, but if they are persistent success is achievable. Explain to them that although the ultimate goal may be to succeed, they are not to feel that they are not successful because success is not achieved. Students or teams that are diligent in the effort to succeed, but have enjoyed the process and have exerted their best effort, will have already succeeded. Praise them after each minor goal has been achieved. Encourage them when they face some obstacles. Make sure that you make them aware of how proud you are of them regardless of the outcome. Keep in mind that goals provide direction. Teachers, coaches, and parents will continuously be setting major goals with their students and their children. Goal setting is an attribute that students and children need to possess. Do not forget that a plan for success is not about winning. It is providing the path for developing students and children that are happy. It is interesting to note that while teachers, coaches and parents are setting goals for others, they are also developing a plan for success for themselves.

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