Blog #156 – Lead By Example

Most of my life, I have made an effort to lead by example. Individuals that desire to be leaders are more likely to be followed if they model the behavior that they want others to emulate. Leading by example is important in everything that you do.

In the workplace, workers are motivated to perform at their best if they see their boss set a positive example. Parents are more likely to help their children reach their potential if they are positive role models. When interacting with family and friends, your actions have the potential of impacting them if you are willing to demonstrate positive behavior with your words and actions.

As a teacher, I tried to model what I expected from my students. I was enthusiastic about discovering a new way of solving a problem. I showed them that taking risks or making mistakes was OK. I demonstrated how they should solve problems in a step-by-step format. I showed them how to check their work. I constantly made sure that I listened to their questions and concerns. I made sure that they knew how much I loved learning.

Each of us should find ways to lead by example in a positive way. Modeling good behavior in the workplace, in our relationships and in many other situations will have a positive impact on our future.

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